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Toothache First Aid

Welcome to Pure NZ Dental, I’m Dr Justin This afternoon I’m going to talk about how to survive a bad toothache. In Singapore, we are very fortunate because we can find a dental practice at almost every street corner Now if you visit a dentist regularly, you don’t have much to worry about. What if you’re in a foreign country and you find yourself in a bad situation and suddenly you have a bad toothache? What do you do? I will give you some tips on how to survive a toothache until you get some help. Number 1, you can take some painkillers but please check to make sure that you are not allergic to the painkillers before you take them, Good ones to take are Ibuprofen diclofenac, or known as Nurofen. For really severe toothache, you can take some Arcoxia which is actually really strong but please do not overdose on painkillers. Number 2: You could cool down the tooth if you’re having a severe toothache with some cold drinks or ice cold water. I had a patient come in to my office one day and he was sucking on an ice (cube) because he said that the moment he stopped sucking on the ice he starts throbbing. So if you have what we call a very ‘hot’ tooth, cool it down with some ice. And what if you have a big hole in your tooth? A huge cavity? You could try putting some oil of cloves directly inside the hole. You can buy it from any drugstores or pharmacies or sometimes the supermarket might sell them. So you get one of those with a pipette put one drop directly into the hole and you will find that the pain will stop for the meantime and you can keep doing that because oil of cloves are actually quite safe Ok, so you have a broken tooth and it’s not really a toothache but it’s really sharp to your cheek, or to your tongue and everytime you eat, the tongue moves and it scrapes against it and it forms a huge ulcer. One way you can try to improve the situation is to chew some chewing gum and leave that chewing gum on that sharp point or else or if you are brave enough, you can take a nail file and gently file off the sharp edges and you will find that you’ll feel a lot better. And for the ulcers, you can put some ulcer cream. Also, while you are having the toothache, be sensible, and if you find that the tooth is painful when you chew on it, don’t chew on that side chew on the other side and give the tooth as much rest as you can, and give yourself as much rest as you can because you just don’t know when a toothache is going to hit. Most of the time it affects you when you sleep, and you may get sleep deprived from the toothache. One last tip is that a toothache is usually brought about by sudden changes of temperature in your mouth so let’s say you’re having something cold and you then have something hot or vice versa, the tooth sometimes starts an ache soon after that. So just be sensible, if you’re having something cold, don’t suddenly change it to hot or if you find that your tooth doesn’t like hot, avoid hot food and just stick with warm or cold drinks. Or if it is a very hypersensitive tooth to cold, then avoid icy cold drinks and have more room temperature food and drinks. So there you go, these are some tips that I hope you will find useful in the event that you suffer from a toothache. So at Pure NZ Dental, we make it a priority that if you have a toothache, and you call us and say that ‘I have a toothache’, we will see you no matter how busy we are. So thanks for watching, and God bless!

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