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Tribal Dispensary Opening NuWu

country opening its doors today near downtown Las Vegas and it's the first retail kind of a store to open up in Nevada on tribal lands new at 6:00 news three's Nathan O'Neill gives us an inside look at new whoo cannabis new whoo cannabis opening its doors to the public for the first time not too far from downtown Las Vegas this was a long time coming it's the first dispensary to set up shop on tribal land in Nevada whether it's a nice vibe Rob sporting a sleek spacious design and water features with 15,000 square feet of retail space we are the largest you know in fact in the u.s. baby soap is the chairman at the Las Vegas Paiute Ron which owns and operates the store but today he's a customer the tribe trying to protect its new pop business also removed slot machines from its smoke shops all in an effort to keep any form of cannabis away from gaming we know that were underneath the microscope so I think that was you know some of the part of waiting still want to get this going but earlier this year the governor signed a pact with the Nevada tribes granting them the state's protection to jump into the marijuana business this is a huge deal cannabis industry expert Jason statesman says Nevada is proving to be a leader in finding new frontiers for the cannabis business so this is a focus point for other Native American tribes to look at this dispensary look to see what the Paiute Nation has done here unlike other dispensaries the profits here will go directly to funding the tribal community you want the dollars are rolling around on our tribal community these reservation but chairman so says the pricing of the product here will stay competitive our prices are gonna be fair you know we just want to play ball with everybody else now at this facility there is no cultivation on site by the tribe is exploring getting into that side of the business reporting I'm Nathan O'Neill news 3

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