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Vlog#1: St. George’s University Medical School/Grenada Tour

Welcome back. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen my other videos, Check it out. See you guys soon :)bye


  1. Yat Chop
    Yat Chop July 27, 2016

    Congrats 😘

  2. Fabiola Becerra
    Fabiola Becerra July 27, 2016

    que hermoso todo, y ese peinado se te ve espectacular…

  3. Mitch Music
    Mitch Music July 27, 2016

    Keep on vlogging!! If you need any free music for your vlogs please check us out! Thanks and good luck!

  4. charnae young
    charnae young July 27, 2016

    You know, I was actually wanting to go there for Veterinary Medicine. But then I realized that the career path was pretty expensive so. I changed my mind. But it looked like a gorgeous place.

  5. Living On Purpose 🌻
    Living On Purpose 🌻 July 28, 2016

    Aww your back Maame. Even though I'm not on IG, I miss your page. Everytime I come on here, no new video but I understand your in medical school, I hope all is well. Study hard. Keep Hod first. Your going to make it. Thank you for sharing this video. Stay blessed and take care 😊✨

  6. Naa Kai
    Naa Kai July 28, 2016

    All the best girl. my friend just started her residency in Chicago. she went to the Med school in Anguilla. always put God first. with Him, all things are possible.

  7. genovia hepburn
    genovia hepburn July 28, 2016

    keep the vlogs coming! i plan on going to sgu soon. hope i get in!

  8. Symba Charlz
    Symba Charlz July 28, 2016

    Grenada is my home❤ I miss it soooooooo much. i moved to NY 4 years ago to be with my mom and of course further my studies after graduating from the local college. I'm glad u like it. I wish u the best of luck in your studies. 😊😊

  9. Afri3290
    Afri3290 July 30, 2016


  10. Tamara Brown
    Tamara Brown August 1, 2016

    I start medical school there this semester!

  11. TheLeona1987
    TheLeona1987 August 5, 2016

    Hi Maame, congrats.. I sent you a message on fb.. Do you think you can do a video explaining the new curriculum and show the books they gave you on registration or you can just send me a message.. please.. I really appreciate it.

  12. Amber Bland
    Amber Bland August 8, 2016

    Please do a video on how you got into to med school! I loved this video so much!❤️

  13. Michelle Green
    Michelle Green August 8, 2016

    Hey dear! I am a term 5 student there and I have loved my time at SGU. You are going to do amazing. If you want to meet up or if you have any questions feel free to email me! God bless! <3

  14. Alicia Boxill
    Alicia Boxill August 28, 2016

    wish you well on your journey 🙂

  15. Yumna Khan
    Yumna Khan September 2, 2016

    congratulations 🙂
    I am also thinking to apply for medical elective at st George london.

  16. It'sJustNumi
    It'sJustNumi September 5, 2016

    just got accepted will do msap 1st….any tips

  17. It'sJustNumi
    It'sJustNumi September 6, 2016

    also I would like to hear about 1st semester

  18. ninaaa jasmine
    ninaaa jasmine September 9, 2016

    thank you very much maame for this video !

  19. lamingtongirl123
    lamingtongirl123 September 28, 2016

    No offense you feel you will face discrimination against those who graduated from US Schools? I've heard horror stories about Caribbean Schools

  20. Ceilidh
    Ceilidh November 23, 2016

    Please do a dorm tour!

  21. Dark Beauty
    Dark Beauty December 6, 2016

    Is this in the UK?

  22. xokferg894
    xokferg894 December 27, 2016

    are you doing more vlogs?

  23. Smd 95
    Smd 95 January 16, 2017

    Wow… we study medicine in bullshit place with nothing … and ur studying in heaven… this is why iran is a third world country… god why was i born here?

  24. Sohaib
    Sohaib January 17, 2017

    20 percent drop out first semester.

    Don't be one of them.

    Only about 65 percent match into residency.

    Be one of them.

  25. Unbox Detox
    Unbox Detox January 20, 2017

    Cool video, I'm thinking of going to sgu and I'm just a little nervous about the adjustment/culture shock.

  26. happiness Heriet
    happiness Heriet January 21, 2017

    oh i like doing medicine and i really wanna God to bless me with a husband who's a doctor.

  27. happiness Heriet
    happiness Heriet January 21, 2017


  28. Stan Lighty
    Stan Lighty January 28, 2017

    How's it going for you there? I am applying, but I'd like to hear from current students

  29. Chante Sylvester
    Chante Sylvester January 28, 2017

    You are just the cutest thing!! ❤❤ loved the video! You met me in the accounts department a couple days ago

  30. Myra Arth-Oguguah
    Myra Arth-Oguguah February 16, 2017

    hiii…….nice video ………i'm probably going to st georges university this august. Are there disadvantages……..

  31. Chrissy TooPrissy
    Chrissy TooPrissy February 20, 2017

    WOW!! Congrats and all the best in med school !

  32. Takisha Morancy
    Takisha Morancy February 21, 2017

    Hey I know you are probably busy but can you do a video on how you maintained your hair while at SGU. And any updates on your experience there.

  33. Setu Shah
    Setu Shah March 11, 2017

    Hi Maame! I am considering applying to SGU. What are some thing you wish you knew before starting school at SGU?

  34. Nordica T. Alexander
    Nordica T. Alexander April 4, 2017

    OMG I miss home 😥😥

  35. Wounderlustgirl
    Wounderlustgirl May 2, 2017

    I would be attending SGUSOM, so excited! I have been assigned housing and it says who my roommates are but I don't know how to contact them?

  36. Neeva
    Neeva August 1, 2017

    hey please help me, I'm from Nepal. I don't know which program to apply for or any extra info would be great! my e-mail: [email protected] I just want any info, tips, acceptance issues and anything you know

  37. Bhupendra chand kaushik
    Bhupendra chand kaushik September 22, 2017

    i m indian…how can i get admission in this university,?

  38. Madame Winnell
    Madame Winnell November 3, 2017

    Keep inspiring others ! I was rejected once and finally got in (first year now)  by entering a non-traditional masters program . Quite refreshing to connect with other Med School vloggers! Best of luck to you in school & I look forward to viewing more of your journey !

  39. Samuel Dapaah
    Samuel Dapaah January 8, 2018

    Are you Ghanaian

  40. Danil John
    Danil John February 7, 2018

    Are you finished with your studies here in Grenada? Hope you're enjoying your stay.

  41. eightfigs
    eightfigs August 22, 2018

    The background music is too loud! OMG!

  42. 1doceth
    1doceth October 1, 2018

    Hi Maame what a great video of our school!  It was quite different when I was there – class of – '98.  Hope all is going well in your studies and blessing for your future.  Eric.

  43. laz2773
    laz2773 March 3, 2019

    Background music too loud, cant' hear you.

  44. Bruce Nome
    Bruce Nome May 31, 2019

    Cant hear anything

  45. xoxofitchy
    xoxofitchy November 6, 2019

    Where are you at now in your medical school journey?

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