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WE GOT A PUPPY- Bringing Her Home

Peace, Beautiful Beings.
Peace, Beautiful Beings. Welcome back to another video.
Hey, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up? We got a new baby.
Yeah we got a new baby. This is Indi. Say hi, Indi. Indi say hi.
She’s camera shy. She doesn’t like being picked up like this.
She’s so freaking big and she’s only 11 months old. Yeah. We named her Indi, short for Indica.
She is a Great Dane, a Harlequin Great Dane, and we got her from my dad. My dad’s two Great
Danes had puppies. She was the cutest one in the litter with the most spots and everybody
wanted her but we pulled the special family card and you got her for us and she’s just
such a sweetheart. Now she’s the newest member of the family.
The newest member of the Earth Mama family. Yet another reason why we can’t get any sleep.
We were thinking about getting a dog ever since we moved into the house but we weren’t
exactly sure how to go about it. Part of me wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter but also
I didn’t want to get a dog that was an adult because of the cats. We needed to make sure
that our dog would be able to grow up with the cats and then we wouldn’t have to worry
about any altercations happening between species.So when my dad’s dogs had puppies, it was the
perfect opportunity to just get a puppy that we knew could grow up with the cats and everything
would go smoothly. She was most special to us because every time
we went over to her dad’s house she always came up to us more than the other puppies
so we already felt like there was a connection there.
He has about five puppies left, three black puppies that are females, one Harlequin that
looks like Indi, but he’s got less spots and it’s a boy. And then one girl who’s a Harlequin
like her but she’s less black spots and more gray spots.
Yeah. Dad was like, “I’ll give you a puppy for free,
just take one of the black puppies.” Because there are so many of them.
Which are so cute. They are so freaking cute, they have so much personality.
Yeah, they’re adorable. But everybody wanted the Harlequins more. So he was like, “I could
sell the Harlequins and you could just have one of the black ones because they’re a little
less popular.” After just socializing with them and socializing
with them for days on days, Indi just showed us that she wanted to be with us.
Yeah she wanted to come home. Every time we went in there, she was the first
person who’d run up towards us. She’s just so sweet. So thankfully we were able to convince
him. She runs up to us first, she acts like she
loves us the most. He says you [inaudible 00:02:52] all of them. She stayed with us
out of … all of the other ones ran away. We just liked her better. This is something
important. We need a guard dog and we need to get it young. I’ve always wanted a Dane
since I was a kid, especially a Harlequin, so it’s just perfect. We just really, really
want her. We’re going to feel kind of whack if we get another one.
Just take the dog. Alright.
All right. Bye then. Bye.
He’s going to let us get the pick of the litter. Little Miss Sasha, her name is Sasha right
now. Are we going to keep her name or are we going to think about it?
I would like to give her our own name but I don’t mind Sasha.
Let’s go get our baby. Yeah, good good. You’re smart, you got it.
Come on. Look, the dirt’s right here. Oh, good job.
Her belly looks so fat from here. Okay. We’re home. Kids, come meet your new
sibling. Meet your little sister.
Look, Rumi. He smells something. He doesn’t quite know
yet. Okay. Now come on the other side.
Yeah. Good girl.
She got her tail on bush and all that. She’s so scared. It’s going to take some adjusting,
Mama. Don’t worry, you’ll be home in no time. In no time.
Don’t worry, nothing bad’s going to happen to you. [inaudible 00:05:17] Okay?
And ever since she’s been here, she’s been doing so well, right?
Yeah. Yeah. Her potty training has been going really
well. She hasn’t pooped in the house one time. Not at all. She has had a couple of pee accidents
and that’s just because she’s learning how to communicate with us that she has to go.
Now in the morning she’ll get up, come downstairs and stand by the door and we’ll come and let
her out. Yeah.
But sometimes during the day if we’re both working and we’re both busy-
Or we’re not paying attention to her, she’ll just let it flow.
Yeah, she’ll just come right in front of us and pee on the living room floor while she’s
looking at us. I’m like, “Why didn’t you just go to the door?” So she’s getting better at
it. Indi gets along with the cats really well
so far. In the beginning it was mostly the cats clearing a room whenever she walked into
it and just hanging out downstairs. Especially [inaudible 00:06:13], he’s a scaredy cat so
he’s in the vents whenever she was around. First it was Rumi because Rumi’s been around
plenty of dogs so Rumi was comfortable approaching her.
He was the only cat that you could actually sit and be next to her. But as soon as she
starts jumping around and getting excited and he’s ready to smack her upside the head.
So we’re hoping that as time goes by, it’s only been three weeks, as time goes by they
will start to warm up to her. I know Rumi and her are going to be cuddled buddies too
because he’s already had a couple moments of being on the bed with her cuddling a little
bit or just letting her chill next to him. And now she’s over there sleeping after having
a very energetic morning where she was running around in circles in our new garden bed and
smashing her big paws on my flowers. But we are so blessed to have her and we’re really
excited just to see how she grows into a big horse-dog.
By the way, if any of you want any of her siblings, they are available. There’s five
left like I said, and you can email me at [email protected] if you really
want one. Hopefully you’re in the Georgia area or you’re in an area where you can take
a road trip and come pick up your puppy because they’re just so adorable.
They’re so cute. And we want to make sure they all have good
homes. Great homes, yeah. They deserve it.
And you all will be seeing a lot more of Indi in the future. Oh Rumi is getting jealous.
What happened? He’s like, “I heard a lot of talk about this
dog and you all ain’t talk about me one time.” Oh my gosh, he got so jealous.
Well forget you then, punk. All right everyone. That’s it. We just wanted
to make this special announcement that we were supposed to make a couple of weeks ago
but- But we got banned so-
We got banned and so we’re back. Here we are.
Everybody on Instagram already knows about Indi. If you want to stay updated with us
a little bit sooner than our YouTube videos, you should definitely follow us on Instagram.
Even though I wanted to post Indi on Instagram the day we got her, I had to wait a hold two
weeks because we were supposed to reveal it on YouTube first.
I just wanted to make a big YouTube video. You know what I mean? I love you all. You’re
my family and I just wanted to make sure that I announced it with you all before we announce
it on Instagram because- I was so upset.
This is where our real riders have been. Look at this audience, it’s huge, it’s grown-
I was so upset. And I wanted to make an announcement here
but we ended up doing it on Instagram anyway so you got your way.
Yeah that’s right, after two weeks. Rumi said that he wants you all to know.
That he’s still the boss. That he’s still the boss.
Yeah, he smells a little poopy, right? Oh my God, look at my stomach.
Oh you go poop on it? And my shirt.
Damn. Just breathe.
Sphynx cats. What the … all right. Rumi just dragged
his dirty butthole on me so I’m going to go take all these clothes off and wash off and
we will see … Stop. And we will see you all at the next video.
Yeah. Don’t get animals until you’re ready.
And if you loved this video, please hit that like button. And if you want to see more of
it that subscribe and we will see you next time.
Love you. Peace. Peace.


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