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What Doctor Think of Of FlexiOH™ – Absolute Washable Cast

Myself Doctor Prati Prajapati. I am orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon. I am working as consultant orthopedic surgeon
at Radhika general hospital, Amreli. In orthopedics, we are treating many fractures
by conservative methods using conventional plaster cast. But we are facing many problems using these
conventional plaster cast. By using this plaster cast, many patients
develop pressure sore, skin allergy , skin infection and plaster cast syndrome. Recently i came across new type of cast FlexiOH. These cast are very friendly to the patients
and to the surgeon also. These cast are very easy to apply by the surgeon. We can mold the cast according to fracture
pattern. These cast maintain its stiffness and rigidity
throughout the treatment course. These cast are very friendly to the patient
skin. No any development of pressure sore, skin
allergy, skin infection or plaster cast syndrome. So, these cast are very comfortable to the
patients. These cast are washable cast, patient can
take bath everyday throughout the treatment course. So, these are wonderful cast and very friendly
to the patients and the surgeon.

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