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What Factors Impact the Cost to Inject Foam Insulation into Existing Walls?

Are you curious about the factors that
impact the cost of foam insulation for your exterior walls? Hi I’m Bruce, an
estimator for RetroFoam of Michigan. Typically, the walls would run between
3,000 and 7,000 dollars or more – why such a wide range? In this video I’m discussing
two main factors that determine the cost of re-insulating existing walls with foam
insulation. One of the main factors is the size of the area to be re-insulated.
The bigger the area to insulate the more money it will cost. Some houses are built
like a box which makes a process easier and less expensive. Other houses have
more complex layouts which means more square footage and difficulty of
installation. The height to your walls and if you have a one story or two story
home will also impact the area to insulate and the cost.
The second major factor is the difficulty of the job. A two-story home
is much more difficult and time-consuming to insulate than a ranch
home. Siding can play a factor also with certain siding types like brick being
more challenging than vinyl. These add time, difficulty and costs to a job. In
addition to charging for the cost of installing the insulation some
contractors could charge for additional services like an estimate or a trip charge. When evaluating contractors it is best to understand how they charge and what
is and isn’t included in the cost. For example, one contractor may charge more but offers a lifetime warranty so just looking at the cost doesn’t usually tell
the whole story. Many energy companies offer rebates to homeowners who improve their energy efficiency. Some of these rebates could be between $50 and $250 per area of the home to be insulated or as high as $1,000 for reinstating an entire home.
Each utility has different programs or requirements so it is best to review the
programs your energy provider offers. If you’re interested in getting a rough
budget number to insulate your existing wall with foam insulation check out our
budget calculator link below.

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