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What Happens When Someone Gets Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease caused by a virus of the same name. It’s a part of the Flaviviridae family,
known for its other famous members: Yellow Fever, West Nile, and Zika. It’s also referred to as breakbone fever,
but that should be the least of your concern…what you need to worry about is a complete. system. shutdown. Most commonly found in tropical regions, Dengue
puts 40-50% of the global population at risk. With symptoms ranging from fever, rashes,
painful joint and muscle aches to vomiting, Dengue can resemble the flu, but it can become
life-threatening in a much different way. When the pH changes, it changes the configuration
of the Dengue virus. Actually, at that point I could grab the model. Great. Okay, thank you. Cool, all right. Dengue prop. I’m Shannon Bennett. I work at the California Academy of Sciences. I’m curator of microbiology and chief of science,
and I study the genetic makeup of Dengue viruses. I’ve been working on it since 2000 and I was
one of the first people to look at large swaths of the Dengue virus genome to pinpoint where
key mutations were occurring to drive its spread and pathogenicity. To understand how Dengue spreads, it helps
to start with how it gets in. Enter, the mosquito: specifically a species
called Aedes aegypti. It’s a day-biting mosquito. It actually prefers the crepuscular times
of the day, so that’s dawn or dusk, and it will feed on multiple people. It might feed three or four times in its lifetime,
and that gives the Dengue virus ample opportunity to be passed between human hosts by a single
infected female mosquito. Now, what makes these types of viruses so
quick to take off, is their genetic architecture, which allows them to begin producing proteins
immediately after they enter the host cell. Dengue virus has been an interesting puzzle
for a lot of scientists and clinicians. It is probably infecting almost 400 million
people a year as far as we know, but only a small fraction of people actually get sick,
about 90 million a year. So we’re not really sure why some people get
sick and other people don’t get sick. Once the Dengue virus gets in through the
skin, it can take several days to a week eventually find its way into your lymph nodes and, then,
bloodstream. From there, it’s just one big fast-track
to Flavivirus-town. So Dengue’s primary target and the way it
sustains itself in your body is in white blood cells, and these are macrophages and monocytes
that are antibody receptor-bearing cells that the Dengue virus uses to bind and enter the
cell. The cell is naturally taking anything that’s
bound to its receptors and phagocytizing it, so basically pulling it into an internal cellular
capsule, and once that happens, the pH of that capsule changes. And when the pH changes and that lock-and-key
relationship between the virus protein and the host cell receptor proteins experience
that change in pH, a pore is formed… and through that pore, the virus genome enters
into the host’s cytoplasm. And from there it’s a pretty sophisticated
version of copy and paste. The virus uses the host cell to duplicate
itself. Or as Dr. Bennett describes it, budding. In contrast, many people are familiar with
other mosquito-borne diseases like malaria. Malaria is a burster. At the sporozoite stage as it’s replicating
in your red blood cells, it’s copying itself to a great degree until basically your host
cell explodes or bursts open and spreads sporozoites around. Dengue virus doesn’t do that. It’s a budder. It’s working with the host cell and taking
advantage of host cell energy and metabolism to create new virus particles. Dr. Bennett and her team study the genetic
differences between the four serotypes of Dengue. Those differences and similarities are what
makes co-circulating stereotypes a dangerous combination, contributing to more severe episodes
of the illness. They are co-circulating today all over the
world, but in the old days they didn’t overlap so much. When they started to move around…we also
saw more hemorrhagic fever and more severe forms of the disease, so one hypothesis is
because we’re being exposed to multiple strains of Dengue throughout our lifetime and that’s
creating this risk to develop severe disease. And yes, hemorrhagic fever is just as bad as it sounds. So what happens in a secondary infection is
that those antibodies that you’ve produced to the first one don’t bind as efficiently
to the Dengue virus. Instead of being neutralized in the endosome,
it can enter the host cell more efficiently and create more virus. What we think is happening is that it’s creating
more infected cells than you would have in the case of a primary infection or a re-exposure
to that same primary serotype because of the inefficiency and the lack of perfect match
between the antibody and the new virus. Typically, once your immune system fights
off a disease, it remembers it for future encounters. Usually that works. But with Dengue, immunity to one serotype
doesn’t protect you against a different serotype, and can in fact enhance the infection,
making a second or even third encounter with the disease much worse…because your immune
system’s memory is stimulated but not a great match. We think that that is what’s causing this
out of control immune response that accelerates and eventually leads to the hemorrhagic fever
that we see and even in some cases shock syndrome. So Dengue shock syndrome is another severe
outcome of this over-reactive proinflammatory immune response. One impact of having an overabundance of proinflammatory cytokines is that membranes become leaky, and when capillary beds become leaky, blood
will flow out. And you start to bleed out into your capillary
beds and into the tissues, and then fluids to flow into your bloodstream causing potentially
hypovolemic shock and death by Dengue shock syndrome. And both hypovolemic shock and fever can be
deceptive. The most frustrating phenomenon with Dengue
virus is that people seem to start to recover. They might have three to four to maybe seven
days of fever depending on when they first exhibit symptoms, and then the fever’s starting
to go down, we can sort of see the diminishment of symptoms, and then hemorrhagic fever or
shock syndrome can kick in very quickly after that. So Dengue is not something to take lightly,
but Dr. Bennett says these extreme cases are still pretty rare. Of the nearly half a billion cases reported
annually, only 500,000 are severe, with many countries reporting less than 1% fatality
rate. Still, knowing the symptoms and ways to help
prevent initial infection are key. And while there is a vaccine, there’s still
a long way to go. The challenge with developing a vaccine for
Dengue is that you need to develop a vaccine that’s effective against all four serotypes
simultaneously, and this is very unusual. There are vaccines that can vaccinate against
all four types, but they don’t do it to the equivalent level. So you might be mostly immune to one and then
a little immune to some of the other stereotypes, and that too is not what we want. So stay tuned.


  1. Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones September 25, 2019

    Had it for the last week. It was terrible! Dont reccomend!

  2. Anime Banz
    Anime Banz September 25, 2019

    Got this on my 25th birthday. Went to a doctor who probably gave some analgesic injection and sent me home. Had a nice birthday and didn't fell so bad. The next morning was so horrible. Couldn't get out of bed and had to be carried down the stairs because I couldn't stand straight up. Hospitalised for 4 days. There is no cure. The doctor's job is to keep you alive till your body fights off the infection.

    A former classmate (who I didn't particularly like back then) wasn't so lucky. He died a couple of days later due to multiple organ failure.

  3. Hazy A.
    Hazy A. September 25, 2019

    Used to be a PICU nurse in the Philippines. Can confirm dengue is a bitch.

  4. Sean Ortigoza
    Sean Ortigoza September 25, 2019

    I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever 10 years ago and it was very uncomfortable. My platelet count went down to a dangerously low number and I didn't want to eat but the weird thing was I don't feel weak and never experienced the rashes caused by hemorrhagic fever. My nose bled a couple of times and the recurring high fever is so annoying. I thought I was going to die and it made me think about life. Good thing my immune system managed to defeat the virus. There is no cure and they will just observe your condition once every 2 hours taking blood samples making me end up looking like a junkie with all the needle marks on my arm.

  5. ken
    ken September 25, 2019

    My cousin died from it last year. Poor little girl.

  6. Christopher Ian Méndez Mondragón
    Christopher Ian Méndez Mondragón September 25, 2019

    Hey, I got sick of dengue almost exactly a month ago. I didn't feel sick. But the thermometer showed symptoms of fever. Physically I could do anything, but walking short distances such as going to the bathroom made me extremely tired. After 9 days I was feeling so much better, so I decided to do a round trip to the 3rd floor of my house…..

    When I returned I was short of breath and extremely tired X_x.

    But then again, I never felt sick. And I know that it was dengue because blood analysis said so. But in this specific case, for me, the only symptom was extreme laziness and tiredness.

  7. xavier siby
    xavier siby September 25, 2019

    Ya, I can vouch for the information. I had the worst form of dengue when I was 14 years old. Lost 15kgs in 3 days.

    Platelets dropped to 15k when it it's ideal count is between 150k and 400k.
    Stupid hospital had only cookery shows! So painful when you are allowed to drink only 50ml of water a day.
    At one point my stomach got so empty, I shat and puked foam green or yellow in color coz it was bile juice.
    I remember I walked to lab to test my blood when I started feeling weak when it all began. An hour later I had to use a wheelchair. Had tunnel vision and started blacking out.

    All in all, this virus is raised from hell.

  8. Ash
    Ash September 25, 2019

    I felt like killing myself every single day during the 7 days I was admitted to the hospital

    The pain and the joint weakness even persisted after 30 days

  9. :3 Phi3phi
    :3 Phi3phi September 25, 2019

    RIP Philippines

  10. Bob Hensem
    Bob Hensem September 25, 2019

    I just been release from hospital because of dengue,my platlet drop until 16 and its was second time i got it,they called it dengue syndrome

  11. bazrazin1
    bazrazin1 September 25, 2019

    you did not mention of dropping platelets, i'm from Mumbai-India, my father & brother had dengue-den1 last year , brothers platelets went down to 35000, & then he recovered, it gives me creeps the second time dengue can almost certainly kill you, also India is developing a vaccine which will instantly disable all 4 sereotypes of the virus by 2021, now feel malaria is 100 times better atleast you can live with timely medication, but for dengue there is no medicine only therapeutic care .

  12. Miraj Joshi
    Miraj Joshi September 25, 2019

    I had dengue a year back. And guys it is not a joke!

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    Code Name September 25, 2019

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  18. uday sampath kumar sesetti
    uday sampath kumar sesetti September 25, 2019

    Dengue is not an easy disease to get over …
    My friend contracted it 2 years ago and was in ICU for 4 weeks .his platelet count was around 7k and needed 5 units of blood to save him…
    Hope no one gets this deadly disease….

  19. Darren McDaid
    Darren McDaid September 25, 2019

    Much better sound mixing by the way. Nice work.

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    Von Jairu Palacios September 25, 2019

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    HayzerX September 25, 2019

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    Mando Nando September 25, 2019

    Having had Dengue at age 6 on vacation in Thailand, I can assure you it’s not a fun thing to go through. I only have a few flashes of memory from the time, since I was so incredibly out of it due to the high fever. Thankful that I got healthy.

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    BikGamer September 25, 2019

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    Saranya saara September 26, 2019

    I was contracted with dengue back in 2017….the worst pain I had in my lifetime…..felt lik dying…..luckily I survived. …..Thanks to my doctor…….Even still now my joints are paining coz of it…..platelets went below critical…..

    Its the worst….so keep away from bloody mosquitoes. …
    Keep your surrounding clean and take a mosquitoes repellant people……

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    Joao Israel Souza Ferreira September 27, 2019

    I had dengue 3 times in my life. It's a horrible sickness. Many friends and neighbors of mine die. Sometimes it comes without any symptoms. The key to not die is drinking as much water as you can. No medicine will help you, but keeping your body hydrated will prevent it to get in its hemorrhagic fever stage. So if you're in South America and suspect you got it, just drink water!

  41. Run Platypus
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  47. Juan Caraballo
    Juan Caraballo September 29, 2019

    I lived in Venezuela all my life, getting Denge was normal. Everyone acted like 'oh you got Denge? First time huh' and practically no one does nothing unless it gets hemorragic.

  48. E'Osiris
    E'Osiris September 30, 2019

    Pretty much acts the same way as cancer

  49. FishOni
    FishOni October 4, 2019

    I knew a young artist who died of Dengue some years ago. He died sleeping on his bed overnight.

  50. GODLOVEME12345
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  51. sufi.ned
    sufi.ned October 6, 2019

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  52. ellie belly
    ellie belly October 7, 2019

    I've experienced dengue thrice already (i'm just 26 atm). 2 of those experiences almost got me. 1 had me bleeding and in coma the other one almost got me blind and made breathing VERY difficult.

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    I got dengue last month and symptoms just persisted for two days after that I'm just weak and recovered within a week. What cured me is rest, fluids and love and you don't need hospital

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