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What to look for in a nursing expert witness.MOV

Hi, my name is Pat Iyer and I am President of Medleague Support Services. Recently a case came in our office with
the physician who had signed an affidavit of merit and wrote a report about a nursing
malpractice case. This is very uncommon these days because
nurses are the appropriate experts to make
opinions on the standard of care for nurses. Nurses have the requisite education, experience and knowledge to be able to
evaluate the care that was delivered and determine if it met the standards of
care. A Physician has not worked as a nurse and has not written policies and procedures. Has not been educated as a nurse and is not a member of a nursing
organization. When you’re an attorney hiring an expert witness look for a well-educated experienced nursing expert. Look for somebody who’s
competent and poised and has deep clinical
experience in the particular issue that’s involved.
Some states require nurses to have active clinical experience or not to exceed a certain percentage of
their income doing expert work. Finally talk to a potential nursing expert about
any skeletons in the Nurse experts closet. I was
involved in a case a few years ago helping a defense attorney to defend the
case involving a patient who fell in the
bathroom. The defense attorneys contacted the Board of
Nursing to find out if the nurse had an active clinical license at the time of the incident and
found out that the nurse’s license had been suspended. It turned out that she had been writing
prescriptions for herself for pain medications using her Physician husbands prescription
pad. This information was used to confront
her at her deposition and the judge agreed that the jury was
permitted to hear about this background of the nurse. Needless to say it destroyed her credibility with the jury. If you need help locating expert witnesses, particularly nurses or physicians,
contact us at 908-788 -8227 MedLeague Support Services would be
happy to help you.

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