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  1. Eric Slater
    Eric Slater March 17, 2019

    Free Tony Lewis and guy Fisher

  2. lyfe 1zruff
    lyfe 1zruff March 19, 2019

    I love this kid already..he comes from good stock, he just focused his decisions on a positive route ..much respect to tony jr

  3. deloresbyron02
    deloresbyron02 March 19, 2019

    YES! Free Mr. Tony Lewis Sr. I pray for his release!!!!!!!!

  4. Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. March 20, 2019

    Release him!
    Someone who chooses to use drugs is not a victim.

  5. Othneil Ellis
    Othneil Ellis March 20, 2019

    Free Tony Lewis Sr

  6. Price Tous
    Price Tous March 21, 2019

    Free big brother tony and vordell and the homie head out cumberland

  7. Price Tous
    Price Tous March 21, 2019

    Inside cumberland he is laid back every morning hitting the pullup bar

  8. cane k
    cane k March 22, 2019

    Free Tony Lewis Sr. I'm still trying to figure out how Law enforcement is not locking up military personnel who smuggle weapons and large amounts of drugs.

  9. Market Global MG4
    Market Global MG4 March 22, 2019

    How tf u do 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚 n reporter talm bout early release!!! Mf free dem guys man
    The world has changed

  10. TheOnlyCoop
    TheOnlyCoop March 25, 2019


  11. keyboyrecords
    keyboyrecords March 27, 2019

    Paul Manafort gets 7 years for stealing millions. Free those guys and cut down these sentencing guidelines on non violent crimes.

  12. Antwan Davis T.V
    Antwan Davis T.V March 27, 2019

    INDEED !!

  13. patrick brown
    patrick brown April 5, 2019

    Dam slim, head is still there. I got to get at slim. Do you know Rasheed from Savannah. The call him Doug on the streets. But anyway I'm 52 and been gone 20 . I went through Savannah on several occasions and it's a lot of new youngins out there. The whole hood has changed to me. I grew up with gun smoke, hot rod and renny. My lil cuz shocker got killed in Savannah back in 97. My lil cuz chareen aka Goldie was his sister. So I'm old school slim. I go all the way back to the early 70s I'm an original Savannah terrace way before they built them stores up there. 2249 was my appartment. I can go all the way back slim. If you was in Cumberland before I left I know that I seen you.

  14. Serena Scott
    Serena Scott April 15, 2019


  15. Raymond Richardson
    Raymond Richardson August 13, 2019

    They knew the consequences..when it rains it pours ..get it how you live fam..

  16. King Alfred AKA Big South
    King Alfred AKA Big South September 24, 2019

    Free Tony Lewis Sr props to Tony Jr

  17. Joseph Briggs
    Joseph Briggs October 1, 2019

    It’s Imperative that Tony Lewis Sr. be released from prison, he’s been imprisoned for far too long, has long paid his debt to society and has been reformed man, a family man that is, please free Tony Lewis Sr. showing love straight from Toronto, Canada

  18. B- more Yo
    B- more Yo October 2, 2019

    Free Tony Lewis Sr. Keep raful the rat

  19. Mr TATTAGLIA the pusher man
    Mr TATTAGLIA the pusher man October 3, 2019

    they look more like. brothers than father and son,,,,,prison actually preserves allot of folks rather than age them..l have 2 uncles an my father who have all did 15 to 20 year prison terms an they all look alot younger than their siblings that have been on the streets their whole lives….an they are all 5 years apart …an none of them that have never been to prison never used drugs or ran the street…its just the world we live in stresses folks

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