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Why Can't Single Payer Healthcare Start in One State?

we have a voicemail number that number is two one nine two david p here's a voicemail about maybe i guess what we would call it like a different approach to getting single-payer health care going take a look hi david my name is rainy I'm calling from Canada I don't have time to get on your show so I'm gonna leave you a message why is the United States getting so hyped up over over single-payer health it started in one province in Canada one province and then spread across the country little by little it wasn't a massive overturn in the country it only had to start in one state everyone could watch see how it works it doesn't have to be a nationwide experiment overnight to get your thoughts on this yeah we'll listen Rini you're not wrong but if there's one thing history has proven to us it's that just because Canadians are able to do something logical doesn't mean Americans are going to do it just because Canadians and Australians and Argentinians and the Swiss and the Swedish and the Norwegians and the Germans and the French and the Belgians and I could go on right just because they're all able to do something logical does not mean that the United States is able to on that basis and in fact Vermont was going to do single single-payer at the state level under I believe it was governor Peter Shumlin and it ended up falling apart for a variety of different reasons so you're completely right that I would love to see Massachusetts actually do this Massachusetts led the way we had Obamacare before it was Obamacare was actually Romney care and it was passed by a very left-wing legislature and these sort of centrist Republican governor Mitt Romney I would love to see Massachusetts do something like this and I think we are a prime candidate to do it you're completely right states could do it but looking at other countries and seeing them act logically and inferring that the United States can do the same thing historically has not been a very good way to predict what we're going to do here we've got a great bonus show coming up for you today two ways to access it become a member at david slash membership become a patron at slash david pakman show great stories on the bonus show including the disappearin of Beto O'Rourke


  1. mrfuzztone
    mrfuzztone May 20, 2019

    It is a big effort to do a full single payer like Medicare For All
    Needs a computerized payment and tracking system.
    Needs modeling and negotiation of a lot of prices.
    I support Medicare For All ala Bernie Senders. Just saying there is a lot required to make it work well.

  2. Klipkultur
    Klipkultur May 20, 2019

    So David's answer is : because the USA are illogical? Ok.

  3. Jesus Told You To Give All Your Money To The Poor
    Jesus Told You To Give All Your Money To The Poor May 20, 2019

    The main problem is supply and demand. USA has a shortage of doctors and public hospitals. You have to get more doctors to push the prices down. But they expect to be paid highly because the education is so expensive. Governments in Australia keep letting private companies (usually church based) create hospitals, because the State wants to do it cheaply. But every time you let the private sector build a hospital, you are losing control. Australia gets a lot of its doctors by pinching them from somewhere else, like USA, Britain and UK. You can't just snap your fingers and have "single payer". You have to force down the price of training, stop graduates leaving the country, make public hospitals. Once you have your ratios/1000 customers set better, you have a hope.

  4. Sarah Schopick
    Sarah Schopick May 20, 2019

    I really wanted you to explore the possibility of this question more instead of just saying the U.S. probably won’t do it. Would it be feasible for single payer healthcare to exist at the state level?

  5. morgana marvel
    morgana marvel May 20, 2019

    Maybe the sticking point* in the US against universal healthcare, is that ppl don't want to pick up the tab for the senseless, astronomical numbers of gsw's. (*no pun intended. 📌💉)

  6. Wyatt Derp
    Wyatt Derp May 20, 2019

    Minnesota governor Tim Walz was floating this idea during his 2018 campaign. We already have a statewide system called MinnesotaCare that is available to those who are elderly, disabled, or under a certain income level. I've actually used it before and while it isn't perfect, it was just as good if not better than the multiple different private insurance plans I've had through employers, that always involves dealing with paperwork, anxiety, and of course paying through the nose for prescriptions. Walz brought up the idea of expanding it into MinnesotaCare For All. Even my Republican family was supportive of the idea.

  7. Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon May 20, 2019

    Can’t have real healthcare reform without increasing medical school admissions. Dum do math progressives, are you all liberal arts grads

  8. TrueLies
    TrueLies May 20, 2019

    Exactly my point. we can and SHOULD start single payer in a few states first. Then we iron out the kinks and if it works well then go national. Sweden, finland, Norway and Denmark all have completely independent single payer systems and their combined population is far less thannCalifornia

  9. SmartPappnase
    SmartPappnase May 20, 2019

    I think one should not underestimate the time at which those policies came to pass. I doubt, we (in Germany) would introduce something like our current system if it wouldn't exist already. I am pretty sure they would go with something like Obama-Care, but with actual forceing everyone to enroll. It is difficult to abolish the system, and that is way there are only marginal reforms, but again, that does not mean it could be implemented today.

  10. DkwonX
    DkwonX May 20, 2019

    This is kind of a weak answer David

  11. Knud Kornberg
    Knud Kornberg May 20, 2019

    Because they name it socialist.and they can,t like that word in the united states .but at the countries in canada and europe taivan japan and other countries it works.Bad for you,that you can,t find out of it.

  12. Daniel Snyder
    Daniel Snyder May 20, 2019

    Per the GOPs own report, health insurance companies will lose $1.7 trillion per year. It's that simple. The health insurance companies can give more political contributions than you or i. Hence, no single payer system.

  13. totlyepic
    totlyepic May 20, 2019

    I think the more important topic to discuss (which I'd love to see you do) is why more of these big changes don't start at the state level in general. In terms of the systems and incentives in place, what makes it difficult for a state to try policies that are vastly different than other states? Why does the responsibility for these types of changes always get passed to DC? Why can't a state that's extremely wealthy and progressive, like CA, lead the way on something like this? I want more than just a "yeah, why can't we do the logical thing lol" answer. I want to know why this is actually not happening. Do states have too little power in this way? Do these big changes create big complications for the state due to free movement between states or something? What are the actual issues that need to be solved in order for states to able to be more independent on progressive policy? If states were more willing to be independent in this way, whatever that takes, we could iterate on ideas a LOT faster, and then we have very concrete examples of policies working or failing to call on without having to point to European countries that are always "too different to compare" when it comes time to argue.

  14. danwarb1
    danwarb1 May 20, 2019

    It can. The NHS was created when the UK was in massive debt after WW2 and the Tories kept voting it down. It's the best thing the UK ever did.

  15. The Villain
    The Villain May 20, 2019

    Do it in NY , so everyone including immigrant are involved

  16. The Russian Troll Network
    The Russian Troll Network May 20, 2019

    Because that state would go bankrupt after all the libtards moved there to get free shit

  17. Saul Cruz
    Saul Cruz May 20, 2019

    I'd like to see it in California

  18. Dave
    Dave May 20, 2019

    Good point by David. Reforming our healthcare system would require the establishment of a commission to study the healthcare of other developed countries Canda, EU, 'stralia and identify the pros and cons, the successes and failure, the most efficient and effective programs and the aspects that don't work out so well. Then design the best healthcare system that we can. But that's not going to happen. Big Pharm, the medical lobby and of course big insurance companies will have tremendous influence over this, and they'd actually be authors of much of the program the way the big banks wrote the bankruptcy reform under W.

  19. Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane May 20, 2019

    It has in the majority of Western States around the world.

  20. Captain Bunty Collocks
    Captain Bunty Collocks May 20, 2019

    I'd just like to recommend a youtuber who deserves more views, please check out Anarchopac.

    TVFILMBUFF May 20, 2019

    Would be interesting to see if all the "blue" states got together and created a single payer healthcare system to cover their states exclusively.
    If you pay taxes in one of these states you get the "free" medicare in all participating states.

  22. Doug Grinbergs
    Doug Grinbergs May 20, 2019

    ColoradoCare/Amendment 69 failed in 2016. (:-( (and we got moron 45)

  23. 袁子盁
    袁子盁 May 20, 2019

    Uhh well it WOULD have been possible in Cali but the pro establishment corporatist Andrew Cuomo blocked and denied it or something……………………………it was ALMOST possible………….blame the corporatists pigs.

  24. Robert Jenkins
    Robert Jenkins May 20, 2019

    Here is the reason why single payer is more difficult for states: States are currency users; the federal government is the currency issuer. States are fiscally constrained and have limited capacity to run deficits; the federal government, on the other hand, has the unique ability to run deficits by giving surpluses to state governments and the private sector. States must cut back on spending during a downturn; the federal government, on the other hand, is able to increase spending during a recession, without risking inflation. A nation-wide single-payer system would likely be deflationary (that is, tending to reduce GDP, by eliminating spending on overhead), and thus could be funded with deficit spending by the federal government.

  25. saigonbond
    saigonbond May 20, 2019

    How's the single payer healthcare working out in California, New York, Illinois, Vermont, Hawaii, etc? Whoops!

  26. Furthermore ASMR
    Furthermore ASMR May 20, 2019

    Your caller was right. Those types of changes can start at State levels. It requires more work, but it can absolutely be done. She was right & you were wrong by having so little faith in your fellow people. Even many Conservatives are willing to consider more subsidized healthcare. You just have to have those conversations.

  27. flyingrabbit
    flyingrabbit May 20, 2019

    She says exactly what I say to people. I've said this to republicans and they even seem ok with it- start with one state- pick a state- set it up and see if it works and then expand it. Republicans even seem ok with this- as long as it isn't their state.

  28. Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd May 20, 2019

    Especially when the current US president thinks the word “tact” means the process of pinning things to a cork board.

  29. Traplover7
    Traplover7 May 20, 2019

    The bureaucracy from different state single payers would be even worse than the insurance middle man. Universal in a federal way would remove that friction b/w state differences.

  30. Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez May 20, 2019

    California assemble

  31. Stacy Mackenzie
    Stacy Mackenzie May 20, 2019

    Someone needs to prove it works before everyone else will just shut up about it.

  32. Jeremy Gregorio
    Jeremy Gregorio May 20, 2019

    Because the national insurance industry would crush it. Same reason it took the entire nation to ban slavery.

    Some forms of evil are so profitable that they people that do it can over power anything short is a nation state.

  33. Datriax Sondor
    Datriax Sondor May 20, 2019

    Nice to see that at least some people in these comments get it. Ya, pharma will always "lobby" (buy) the right people to keep this from seeing the light of day. Corruption in your govt. is so disgustingly blatant and out in the open for all to see, yet you have these moronic "republican voters", who think they are being done some kind of favour throughout.

    It's quite funny how pub voters are supposed to be "against too much government". "Don't let the government control you! Don't let the government tell you what to do! Don't let the government tell you how to live! Too much government is bad!"

    Meanwhile, these meatheads are the ones pushing for the government to control the right to choose, and various other "controls". I guess control by government is okay with these hypocrites, so long as it's control they agree with.

    I mean, these people are so stupid, they don't even realize they are stupid, and that, is a colossal degree of stupid.

  34. Gilly Puente
    Gilly Puente May 20, 2019

    This video is a perfect example of the Left's disdain for America/American's and their unearned sense of personal and moral superiority. Progressives are fueled by hubris, elitism, and hate. Nothing more.

  35. The End
    The End May 20, 2019

    It's hard to pay for without federal taxes. That's my guess. I thought Hawaii had something similar?

    Furthermore, I am a vermonter. I remember the push for single payer here. We don't nearly have the tax base to pay for that, even though I wish we did. We used to have a program called VHAP that gave less wealthy people health insurance and it has a small cost and copays depending on your income level. I was on it several times and it seemed as good if not better than the blue Cross I had at other times. I'm unsure of the financial cutoff they used though. Regardless, it was definitely better than what I have through the exchange!

  36. john Doe
    john Doe May 20, 2019

    Why is David so desperate to get his name out there?

  37. walt charamba
    walt charamba May 20, 2019

    No! it will never work state by state..It can only work nationally..

  38. Ray Rios
    Ray Rios May 20, 2019

    IBS, homeless people do it too. Haha.

  39. Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker May 20, 2019


  40. Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze May 20, 2019

    Single payer in one state is a lukewarm- flaccid solution to the private healthcare boondoggle. What we really need is a nationalized public healthcare system like the NHS in the UK. According to Gallup polls about 3/5 Americans want healthcare to be government MANAGED, not even just government FUNDED

  41. Glen Jeremiah
    Glen Jeremiah May 20, 2019

    But she seems not to be aware the vast difference in treatment.

  42. Anthony Lalama
    Anthony Lalama May 20, 2019

    I would be worried about federal government influence, especially deliberate undermining from a GOP controlled congress.

  43. Patrick Lewis
    Patrick Lewis May 20, 2019

    Is it because of population? Is it a function of our culture (being a nation of immigrants, we're strongly inclined to be conservative, ironically)? What is it about the United States that we're almost always one of the last developed nations to adopt social change? Maybe we've been too prosperous. Several major social programs only got instituted due to the spectacular collapse of the Great Depression. The way things are going currently, we're going to crash hard and soon, so maybe we'll figure out in a generation or two what Europe and Canada have been doing for decades now.

  44. Dieter Bletten
    Dieter Bletten May 20, 2019

    Would be nice if America finally gets a proper healthcare system. As what I see, If you want it: Vote for #Bernie2020 Greets from Germany!

  45. xleftoverpizzax
    xleftoverpizzax May 20, 2019

    First one to dislike this bullshit, don't get me wrong I love how a communist can sit in there and talk shit about his fellow Americans, yeah pretty damn entertaining. Sounds like he needs to get a damn passport so he can gtfo 😂

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