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Why I See A Therapist Every Week

– What’s going on, guys? I am Matthias. I am the CEO of three different startups and this channel is kind of
where you, me and my team from all these companies
kinda comes together to hopefully take an honest look at some of the mistakes
I consistently make as well as hopefully
learn from them together. It’s gonna be the most
painful experience for me but I’m on board for it. Someone is tailing me like crazy. Don’t you love that? Today it’s 10 a.m. I have a therapist appointment. I see a therapist. I am not ashamed of seeing a therapist. It’s not something I announce
generally but I don’t know, I feel like it’s
something I can talk about in a positive light. I’m sure you’re interested
in why and how it’s helping. I’ve been seeing a
therapist for I don’t know, six or seven weeks. I think it originally started because a friend of mine
referred me to this therapist. He realized that me and Amanda were, we have kind of an extreme lifestyle and sometimes an extreme lifestyle can take a toll on your mental health. What’s really awesome is
Amanda and I went together. We took some tests for couples counseling. By the way, if you’re married, no matter if you think
things are awesome or great, if you can afford it, always
try to go to couple counseling. It can’t hurt. The worst thing that can happen is that you just get closer
to your wife or husband. How bad is that? That’s not bad, that’s great. That’s fantastic. The therapist pretty
much said hey, you both, you’re both burned out. If you both stop burning out, things are gonna really pick up. I don’t think we thought things can pick up per se in our heads but I think ultimately
things can always pick up. No one has a perfect marriage. No one has a perfect relationship. You can always strive for something better and that first has to start in here. You can’t start by fixing your wife which is just purely a projection of your own inadequacies
onto her or your husband which is definitely something that I struggled with in the past is just trying to control
everything around me. Mental health is something that not a lot of people talk about. I think a lot of people think oh, you’re going to see a
therapist, you must be crazy or must have deep psychological issues. Who doesn’t? I went into this therapist not thinking I had deep
psychological issues but your boy does and it’s nothing to be
ashamed about about that. I mean, I’m a human. You’re a human. I think people who try to shame people for trying to get help
with their mental health might be the ones that
need the help the most. That’s just the general assumption, I could be entirely wrong
but makes sense, doesn’t it? I think what was really great about the experience is that
it was someone listening and I think not that I don’t have that, not that there aren’t a
bunch of people in my life that’ll do that for me but it’s a very skilled type of listening and one of the things I’ve
learned over the past six months is that listening is a wildly difficult, complicated skill set but I was just super excited the fact that hearing that confirmation that my wife and I had
a really, really strong, powerful relationship, we
just had to get more energy then we find out we are pregnant but that is a blessing,
that is a blessing. Therapy is actually something
that I really look forward to every week because every single week I just feel a little bit better than I did the previous week. It’s good stuff. Just finished my session. Just got out. About an hour long session once a week. I’m nasally ’cause your boy cries. He’s got no problem crying. I don’t cry a lot. I mean, I don’t even
think I actually teared up but you get emotional about stuff and I think that’s one of the things that’s just so important is that you allow yourself to be emotional and going through therapy really helps validate those emotions and puts them into perspective. It’s not necessarily saying
that every emotion that you feel is necessarily warranted but they’re real and so trying to discern between whether or not
that emotion is warranted and how to possibly approach it and why you’re feeling that
way, insight helps a lot. The why of why I behave a certain way isn’t necessarily what
I’m always looking for. What I’m looking for
is a fresh perspective and I think at least my
therapist specifically is very, very talented with
asking the right questions and really kind of
making my mental models, my perspective, my view on reality, kind of crumble into something that is a little bit more objective. One of the things I did
wanna talk to you guys about is something I kind of discovered
today during my session is how much this vlog
is actually helping me because it’s helping you. I’m just really excited about
the response to this vlog and how much it seems
that I’m helping you guys. It feels different and I
think I figured it out. I think I’m starting to
really feel appreciated and there are a couple
people at the office that do a good job of appreciating me but I don’t think I
feel overly appreciated in my current role. Maybe I’m not looking for it. Maybe I’m not getting it. I don’t know but I think making this vlog has really lifted my mood,
lifted my spirits as a leader to kinda realize that yeah, when I’m here and I’m making all these changes, these changes can be really tough and hard for a lot of people here and I totally appreciate that and I’m definitely not gonna be thanked for making someone’s life
seemingly more difficult even though I’m trying to do what’s right, I’m trying to do what I
believe to be the best move for the collective family but sometimes it’s great
to just get appreciated in the comments. So I just wanted to tell you guys that are leaving those comments thanking me for the stuff
that I’m doing for you. Just really appreciate that. It’s making me feel good. I still love all of the
critical feedback as well. I think that’s one of the things I’ve been really
appreciating about this too is that the kind of honesty
that I’m trying to portray is getting a lot of
honesty back from you guys and I just really am
enjoying this conversation and it feels like for
the first time in a while that I’m creating videos for the comments and not for the views and I think as far as
my mental health goes, this is actually helping me tremendously. So just wanted to say thank you. Very much appreciate you being a part of this early community and I hope this can continue
to provide the value that you’re getting out of it now. I don’t for a second wanna
say that ooh, ooh, poor me, I have such a hard life. Not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying it feels
good to be appreciated. Well, when I started this vlog, also some of the editors
here at Hi5 Studios, Alex, Jake and Justin
went out of their way to tell me how much they
appreciated this vlog so thank you guys, I appreciate you guys. Feels good, just feels good and I’m sure that if I
don’t get appreciation from some other people, I’m sure it’s because I
don’t dish it out as much. So I’m gonna make a conscious effort to appreciate my crew a lot more. So hopefully you guys can see that and hopefully you guys can see that portrayed through here as well. The last thing I really
kinda wanna talk about is the fact that therapy, what I’m talking about
is not really accessible. It’s expensive. I’m relatively new into this area so I don’t wanna be like
hey, everyone, go to therapy and I’m sure many of the comments would be well, great for you, glad you can afford it but I can’t. I get that, I get that but that doesn’t mean there aren’t places that might offer just a
listening ear for free. I’ll include some links to those things down in the description below. I definitely am aware of that and if you have anyone in your life that might listen to you, it
won’t hurt to just ask ’em. Be like, hey, listen, can
I talk some stuff out, don’t try to solve anything
right now, just hear me out especially if you’re having problems with a specific individual. Just be like, hey, listen,
can you maybe sit down so I can tell you what I’ve been feeling and maybe you don’t say
anything till the very end. I’ll tell you when I’m done. I do want to make a note about therapy and say that this is
definitely personal leadership. To be a leader, you have
to know how to follow. To be a leader, you have
to know how to serve others and to do that, sometimes
you have to submit to others, sometimes you have to submit
to other people’s guidance and perspectives and knowledge and wisdom. Don’t assume that no one understands you and don’t assume that no
one can understand you ’cause I’m sure there’s
someone out there that might. Anyways, thanks for watching.


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    Tabitha ha April 16, 2019

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  2. Bella The dog
    Bella The dog April 16, 2019

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    Epic_ Ghxst_.1 April 16, 2019

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  4. logan coddens
    logan coddens April 16, 2019

    i love mathias. he is such a smart genuine and talented person who i have looked up to for awhile. its so cool he has so many great ideas and isnt afraid to admit his short comings. keep up the good work ✊

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    K9ylue April 17, 2019

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    Kevin Stokes April 17, 2019

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  16. Nicky s
    Nicky s April 17, 2019

    I have to go to a therapist every week and have been for 2 years and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you posted this I have been denied jobs when I ask for a DAY OFF for therapy to keep me healthy and prevent burnout

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    dancingsun2 April 17, 2019

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  19. Lol I am a robot
    Lol I am a robot April 17, 2019

    Matt, i doubt you will see this, but this video has helped me alot. My school made me go to a therapist at one point. Basic story: I was in a dark place and started self harm, my friend saw what was going on, she told the school, hence therapist. But it has made me feel great knowing that my favorite youtuber and a huge rolemodel in my life also went. so um thnx for this video

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    Emma Donahey April 17, 2019

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    I've been more open about it to him since and it feels good to say that we aren't perfect.

  22. MeCourtZ
    MeCourtZ April 17, 2019

    Thanks for being real and talking about your growth as a leader and a person. Your openess has really made me revisit my thoughts about gowing to therapy and why it would probably truly help me. I hope you do feel better every week. Cheers to you, Matt.

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    Grace Alexandrea April 17, 2019

    I've been in therapy for over a year. I love her she doesn't talk down to me like other therapist have ( I've been through 3) and I was about to give up till I met her. Please don't give up with finding a therapist. It helps a lot. I am proud of you Matthias for taking an extra step for your mental health. Unfortunately a lot of people think physical health is the most important but you can't have a fit body with out a fit mind.

  27. DoodyDraws
    DoodyDraws April 17, 2019

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    Stormy Sanctuary April 17, 2019

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    Bee April 17, 2019

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    I too struggle with mental health and am going through therapy and medication aid.
    But watching these vids and learning things about missions and targets, which i can apply to daily living really helps and makes me feel like I can stop seeing a swarm in front of me and try to get some order through practising certain aspects you talk about.
    Loving this channel so far and it's aims can't wait to see future videos ❣

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    Raisah Chowdhury April 17, 2019

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    Katelynn Love April 17, 2019

    I have a very serious mental illness that will not and cannot be erased. I've lived with it for almost my entire life and it requires constant attention and dedication otherwise it will overwhelm me. I spent most my life being overwhelmed by this simply because I didn't know. I thought it was just how my life was going to be. I thought that it was something I would just live with.

    It took four years to find out what it was after I started therapy. Therapy is absolutely amazing but I know so many people that have given up on it because that one therapist they had didn't work for them. I tried five different therapists before my last one was able to help me.

    Do not give up on finding ways to improve yourself in a healthy way. It can be hard but there's so much GOOD to come from it. I haven't had an episode in almost a year now and I'm thankful the people around me helped push me to keep trying.

  39. mini q
    mini q April 18, 2019

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    Nothing But Art April 22, 2019

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    Dani Bishop April 22, 2019

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    HeyyitzAlyssa April 23, 2019

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    Matt, you give great inspirational speeches and just let people know its ok to get help, to be themselves. You are a really inspirational person and as someone who watches all the different content, you and High 5 Studios produce is always giving me a laugh, always realizing its not always bad out in this world. I think you would make an amazing speaker at any event even something as large as InBound. You are a great example of someone who uses InBound Marketing methods and you might not even know it! Which means its super effective and it shows that it does with how much your channels have grown!

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  83. Alex Orjuela
    Alex Orjuela May 6, 2019

    Definitely you don't feel appreciated because you're the top dog, everyone around you feel like you have you shit together and you don't need that thanks or that specific good job. It's like being a mom but on a greater scale and with only half the good stuff

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    Pancho Lozoya Falcon August 21, 2019

    Hey Matt I know I'm a few months late to this video but I just subscribed to this channel and I absolutely believe in what you stated getting help is the hardest thing to do I'm 33 and I some times need a helping hand or just someone to talk to and my wife and I do have our moments that it gets rough but we always come to center ourselves…I have been a big fan of yours for a while…and this video but the right spots keep that love going brother…God bless.

  99. Jonathan Chrétien
    Jonathan Chrétien August 31, 2019

    Hi! Matt. I figured i would reach out through the comment because you value them much more than your email but my goal with this comment he actually to acknowledge the work, self-improvement and life value you try to communicate with this channel / train of toughs. I am my self a CEO of multiple mini company still learning and chasing so many answers. I also feel myself trying to understand the basic instincts of what make me a natural leader and drive to act this way.

    So weirdly, i would like to thank you for sharing this moment and opening this part of your life.
    I feel very similar. Deep thought

  100. M. Hiroshi Sutherland
    M. Hiroshi Sutherland September 1, 2019

    Thank you sir. Not just for this video, not just for the content you help enable and create, but for showcasing what is in my mind the best that Youtube can be. While it is easy to critique Youtube for being a platform for self indulgence, you have created something more than just a Job for each of your employees, and that shines through on every video I have seen come from your studios. I only hope that your mentality and drive shine bright enough for up and coming companies and content creators to see the value in what you do. To me, it promotes a much healthier personaly relationship with Youtube, content and in a way, the world at large.

    I am someone who is not a fan of the saying "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life" because it is to me a gross oversimplification, and this channel showcases exactly why I dislike the phrase. There will be hard days, there will be times where you have more stress than normal, or more on your plate than you may think you can handle, but the reward in doing what you love is that those days are a little easier to get through and it seems like you push for that very heavily. This channel has truly showcased that there is a balance to be found, and I hope that you have found/will find it for yourself and your team.

    Again, thank you for all that you do, and for being one of a handfull of Content Creators who I have a genuine respect for.

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