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Why Medication Woman Is Taking Could Be Causing Her To Believe She Is Being Hacked

Joining us is Dr. Charles Sophie, who is on the Dr. Phil advisory board, he is board certified in three clinical specialties, adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and family practice, as well as being the Medical Director for DCFS here in Los Angeles, which is the largest agency of it’s kind in the country, so thank you for bein’ here. Dr. Sophie here has examined the medications that you’re taking, and you have some concerns about side effects that could actually sensitize her to this. Correct. So you’ve been on what medications? There’s several of ’em. Adderall and I take… There’s several of ’em they just put me on recently. For? Shudder syndromes, for firbo– Which is one of the challenges you face with lupus, is having to take some of this. But you said you’re on Adderall? Mm hmm. (affirmative) What are the side effects of Adderall? And hormones. What are the side effects of Adderall, particularly if you don’t need it? If you’re on it for five days, then you’re off, then you’re on, you’re off, for how many years, can create a lot of the side effects. Hallucinations, delirium, psychosis, irritation, aggression, all those kinds of mental issues, and they’re just the mental health ones. Then there’s physical ones, cardiovascular things, stuff like that. And then you’re takin’ the other drug, which is really a very toxic drug, and that has huge side effects. And it’s twistin’ your head, and you’re misperceiving things. He supports you ’cause he loves you, but it’s not real. There are two things that I would like to do. One is the PNP Clinic, which I think is one of the top diagnostic clinics in the country, if not the top, is right in your area, it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t, I would send you there wherever. I think that the first thing that we should do is have you go there and get a complete and thorough evaluation and workup and see what your levels are medication wise, do a brain scan, see exactly what’s going on, because I think you might be victimizing yourself with this medication. I want to welcome Dr. Daniel Suzuki, and Trevor Asthmus. I’ve asked them to come and Aurora, Las Encinas, and this is a beautiful and safe environment for healing. It’s located out in Pasadena, and when I say it’s beautiful, my gosh, congratulations on having such a wonderful facility out there. (audience applauds) They are a top psychiatric and medical evaluation center that really specializes in medically supervised, patient-centered care, and I don’t know that this is something that you need, but I have asked them to come here because I wanted you to meet them, because if that’s something that you need, ’cause I think these people would be ideal for helping you. You think you could really help her, correct? Yeah, absolutely. Although it’s confusing, your story, what’s not confusing is how much suffering this has caused you and your family. And I think if you come to our hospital, our team can really help you understand more of what’s happened. And more importantly, figure out a path with you and the treatment team, to figure out how to move ahead in your future. Is it within your realm of thinking that you could entertain the possibility that, in fact, you have not been hacked? It’s gonna be hard, ’cause I’ve lived with it for so long, what I was experiencing. Right, but it’s possible that you’ve been misrepresenting this to yourself and misinterpreting things that were going on, and I’m not saying that nothing has gone on. I’m not saying that you don’t have 167,000 photos on your camera roll, because you do. The question is did they get there from a hacker, and the answer is no. I got you the answers.
Yep And now I’m getting you the help, so you can frame these things up realistically.

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