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Why Take a Health Risk Assessment?

Health risk assessment or HRA is a way to
describe a person’s chances or risks of becoming ill or dying from diseases and other causes. Approximately 50 years of research has gone
into developing the science of Health Risk Assessment. Feedback in the form of a report can help
a person decide how to reduce their risks. Although the HRA was originally developed
as a paper and pencil instrument, it has since evolved into an interactive electronic tool. The HRA takes your answers, evaluates risk
factors, and gives suggestions about how you can reduce your risks. The utility of an HRA is dependent on several
factors. It is important to answer the questions accurately
and honestly in order for the tool to produce a helpful report. People with the highest risks might need additional
support from their doctor or need to be connected with other health care resources. When answering the HRA you might not know
your blood pressure or cholesterol levels. The more questions you answer, the more complete
and accurate the report. You might learn about some risks and actions
that could improve your health when taking an HRA. Knowing what your risks are is an important
step toward a healthy life. Thanks for watching.

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