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Withings Scanwatch: AFib and apnea tracking make this the health watch to beat

hey everyone this is Dom from tech
advisor here again at CES 2020 right now I’m at the Withings booth where I’ve got
the Withings scanwatch set up this is the latest hybrid watch from withings
that takes some of the features from the Move ECG pairs it with a lot of the
design of the steel HR throws in sleep apnea tracking and feels like the most
fully featured premium watch Withings has put together to date and the first thing
that might really tempt you away from the Apple watch and into withings okay
so let’s take a look at this thing as you can see it’s back to the sort of
like metal-bodied nice sort of premium aesthetic that last year’s move and move
ECG didn’t have but they were a more sort of plasticy rubberized sporty finish this
feels more high-end and premium we’ve also got a screen back so that’s a
little like oled panel sitting at the top that gives you time and date there
the ECG function we’ll talk about heart rate tracking your workout options
calories steps and back to date and time it also has notifications really simple
it’s obviously a small dial but I can’t show you on this because I don’t
notifications set up it’s not tied to a phone you know you’ll get a little
whatsapp icon and a brief bit of what’s there or Instagram something like that
otherwise as you can see standard analog watch face and then that’s the step
tracker that also doubles to some other functionality okay so health wise this
is the withings where we see health is a big part of it just like
last year’s move ECG we have an ECG tracker so if I go into that I can
basically start doing that and with a bit of luck there we go a bit of a
live read of my heart right now this is basically a heart health thing so it’s
not just about your heart rate it’s about giving you a sort of a read of the
quality of your heart beat when there’s irregularities things like that you get
this live feed obviously but it also comes through on the app you’ll get a data
read out you can get a PDF out and give it to your doctor stuff like that
there’s also sort of live heart rate tracking and it can also detect arterial
fibrillation or like afib which is basically like irregularities as they
come up on your heart in real-time so little things that you wouldn’t feel it
necessarily but the watch will detect it it will give you a little alert to say hey
you’ve had a little heart irregularity which will a give you a notification
that you should probably go to see your doctor and tell them that’s happened
encourage you to do an ECG scan right there
so you get that ECG read at the time you were having the irregularity to give you
a doctor even more information that they can work with the other thing we’ve got
new is sleep apnea stuff so this is basically within sleep tracking stuff
it’s been improved now it’s got an spo2 sensor on the back of the watch so
that’s basically checking oxygen levels in your blood
sleep apnea basically means you kind of stop breathing for a second so your
oxygen levels will go down it will detect that it will give you a read on
like what your spo2 doubles are throughout the night and it will tell
you if you have suffered like higher levels of sleep apnea everyone has it a
bit but there’s sort of worrying levels and again gives you a sign you should go
to the doctor you should get it checked out you can get other readings get all
that stuff done all of this is like hopefully gonna be medical grade they’re
still going through a certification that they went through that with the move ECG
last year and they managed to get that certified in both the US and Europe so
this is probably going to go the same way hopefully itu’ll be a quicker
certification the move ECG took about nine months so it didn’t come out till
September even though they launched at CES withings are optimistic the second
time around they know how to do the process better so we should see this in
q2 price-wise it’s jumping up a notch so the move ECG was 129 dollars pounds euros
this is two hundred and forty nine for this 38 mm model there’s also a larger
forty two mm model which changes the design a little bit this is very rounded
and smooth and I guess from a certain way you might say feminine and the 42 mm
watch is a little bit more sharp edges it’s kind of chunky obviously going for
more masculine vibe so that’ll suit your preference I actually still prefer the 38mm
version myself but the 38mm is gonna be $249 and the 42 mm is gonna
be $299 again that’s dollars pounds euros all the same price hopefully
around q2 and yeah I mean I think it’s kind of a lot for what it is but I think
it makes sense this is the best health tracking on a wearable you’re basically
going to get the most fully featured in terms are heart health and the sleep
tracking and that makes it feel a lot more like an Apple rival together with
that notification stuff coming through all the workout tracking it’s waterproof
up to 50 meters Apple doesn’t even do sleep tracking with the
Apple watch because it doesn’t have the battery life whereas this because it
will last a month which will vary and if you’re doing the night time tracking every
night you won’t get a full month but mostly it’ll last a month, that means
it can do nighttime tracking it is worth noting the move and the move ECG did like
18 months 12 months on watch batteries this is not that this is one month
because there’s a lot more going on and it’s got a display but it’s rechargeable
so you’re not actually replacing the battery yeah so I’m a fan I know
I’ve always been a fan of the withings hybrid watches for me personally I hate
smartwatches I don’t want all that stuff going on on
my wrist all the time I love these hybrids I love the way they look this
looks really cool it looks just as nice as a classic analog watch you’re getting
so much more functionality in it I love all the health stuff I’m not personally
too worried about my heart health but it’s nice that it’s there and for other
people that’ll be a really big deal so I think if that’s something you’re
concerned about and if you want to get that ECG but you don’t want to fork out
for an Apple watch this suddenly looks like the watch to get and I’m really keen
to get it in later in the year and give it a proper testing


  1. Krzysiek Kowalski
    Krzysiek Kowalski January 9, 2020


  2. Drive4fun
    Drive4fun January 11, 2020

    It is best health watch but at 299 I may wait for a Black Friday deal and Apple Watch series 5
    I also don’t like smart watches and all the stupid things they can

  3. Harith Humam
    Harith Humam January 11, 2020

    What size the strap of 38?

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